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Gig  Harbor's  premiere  Sewing  Studio  and  Art Room  located  in  the heart  of  Downtown  Gig  Harbor. 


We  are  a  local  sewing,  fashion  design,  and  art  studio  that  hosts  a  variety  of  different  programs, workshops,  and  parties  for  all  ages  and  skill  levels. 


Interested  in learning to sew?  Eager learn new techniques?  Want to throw a sewing party?  We do it all!  Check  out  our  calendar  of  events  and  come  join  the  fun! 

Calendar of Events

Check out our upcoming events and workshops!

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Make medical masks to help those in need. Sign up for a free kit to sew at home. Keep the masks for yourselves, or bring them back to donate to those in need. 

What's New

Covid-19 Updates

Although our studio and classes are closed due to  the coronavirus pandemic, we've got plenty of activities to keep you busy at home! Check out all our offerings! 

Sign up for one-on-one online lessons. $15 per 45 minute lesson.

Join us Monday March 30th at 2 pm on Facebook for a free "Too cool for school" sewing lesson.  Click the link below to join in on the fun!

Have supplies you'd like to donate for the cause? We're gladly accepting elastic cord, pipe cleaners and other essentials to add to the kits! Message us if you'd like to donate!

Medical Mask Kits

Online Sewing


Too Cool for School

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medical mask

step 1 - contents of kit zig zag stitch raw short edges. Fold in half with zig zag stitched edges meeting. sew from each edge in 2 inches toward center and stop, leaving 2-3 inch opening (unsewn)